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Public Procurements and Public Contracts

Public procurements and Public contracts

We do offer consultancy and assistance in each stage of public procurement procedures, from the adjudication until the execution phase.
Our activity comprises specific assistance in the phases of redaction of tenders declarations and documents, constitution of temporary association of enterprises, joint ventures, consortium, and in the correct selection of subcontractors.
We offer judicial assistance in all claims arising both in the phase of tenders adjudication than in the phase of tenders execution. This both in judicial and arbitration proceedings

We make the difference

The long-standing experience in this field allows our lawyers to prevent the potential risks we are forced to face in this job

We provide daily assistance to companies in their relationships with the institutions

Assisting our Clients in public procurement procedures, tenders, penalties is at the core of our activity. We do that from different perspectives with a view to offering an in depth approach to every single aspect of your business